In November, SOFENA started a new project “MENERGERS – Energy Managers` Services in Municipalities”, under the EUKI program of the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Actions

The kick-off meeting was online on 08.12.2022 with the participation of representatives of all partners from Bulgaria, Romania and Germany.

The National Trust Eco Fund is the coordinator.

The project aims to initiate a change in the roles of the Bulgarian and Romanian municipal administrations by supporting them in building organizational capacity and expertise in order to train effective energy managers who are able to implement their activities towards achieving the national goals in the field of EE and RES .

Within the framework of the project, reports with proposals for changes in the legislation in the field of EE and RES of the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania will be developed.

Through consultations and workshops, a model for energy managers will be created, which will be piloted in 3 Bulgarian municipalities for a period of 1 year.

All results and collected data will be analyzed and summarized, and the conclusions will serve to initiate legislative changes in both countries.

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