The General Assembly meeting of the project Lightness took place in Amsterdam on 29 and 30.11.2022.

On the first day the participants discussed the achieved results for the last 6 months and also the organization of workshops in Bulgaria, Poland, Spain and Netherlands.

The 5 pilot local energy communities with their peculiarities and national features are moving ahead and have some interesting results that will be described in details in the end of the project.

All work package leaders presented their conclusions and reports prepared up to now.   

The second day of the project meeting started with a study visit of the Dutch pilot, which is in the new urban development “Quatrebras”, located in Badhoevedorp. For the pilot, is used one of the three parts of Quatrebras, i.e. “Quatrebras Park”, which consists of single-family houses, a school, a sport center and a social house for about 30 people. The PV installations are on the roofs of the single family houses and their number for now is 15.

The use of multiple pilot sites has the potential to provide greater economies of scale, offer a variety in the learnings that will be achieved and allow for the development of multi-community forming strategies.

i.LECO is a technical aggregator and Local Energy Community (LEC) provider, and as a cross-pilot overall provider sub-contract tasks to the pilot site locations such as common activities with local DOS, etc.

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