Monthly Archives: December 2023

During the ABEA Annual Conference, which took place on November 28, 2023 at the Hemus Hotel in Sofia, SOFENA organized an event to open a technical office and to present the upcoming activities under the LIFE-BECKON project to promote energy communities in Bulgaria. The event was attended by representatives of state and municipal authorities, non-governmental organizations and enterprises, energy experts and citizens.

The Еxecutive director of SEA SOFENA, Dr. Zdravko Georgiev, informed the participants that the purpose of the technical office is to consult all interested parties – local authorities, enterprises and citizens on how to create and operate an energy community. Information, training and consultation on technical, financial, management, regulatory and administrative issues will be made available to interested organizations and citizens through an online One Stop Shop platform.

The SOFENA Technical Assistance Office is the place where interested parties, citizens, organizations and businesses will get advice and find all the information and services they need to create and manage an energy community project.

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