If you are a citizen, a municipality or a representative of a business in Bulgaria and need support for your project or idea to establish an energy community, SOFENA`s team is here to help you!

Our mission is to make the energy sector more accessible through open
innovation tools, managing public engagement and participation,
sharing knowledge and best practices to promote and support the
creation of energy communities.

We are ready to answer your questions about:

1.Legislative framework on establishing energy communities;

2. Financial schemes for supporting these activities on local and national level;

3. Technical issues and constructing models and materials;

4. Good practices on national and EU level;

5. Installation of solar panels or other equipment for producing renewable energy;

6. Train-the-Trainer approaches for capacity building of different mechanisms for establishing energy communities.

7. How to use the One-stop-shop platform for boosting energy communities through Europe, etc.

You can:

Follow our Webpage and Facebook page for more information about events and workshops on the topic or contact us on: office@sofena.com or taobeckon@sofena.com .

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