LIFE-BECKON aligns with the vision that public authorities and Local Action Groups play a key role in supporting the deployment of Energy Communities and they must be supported in their tasks and efforts. Within the project will be:

Developed a comprehensive Technical Assistance cookbook of practical solutions to overcome known barriers associated with Energy Communities related to technical, financial, governance, regulatory and administrative aspects

Developed/adapted dedicated material to conduct Capacity Building via Train the Trainers approach and deliver the sessions throughout EU for public administration and other promoters.

Defined/improved a portfolio of lacking energy communities integrated services including bundling of small communities and managing public participation/engagement

Created a user-friendly One-Stop-Shop platform as a virtual support office on Energy Communities delivering knowledge, training and opportunities as well as favouring matchmaking.

Delivered regulatory feedback, guidelines and support to local and national policy-makers and operators

Demonstrated the benefits and impacts of implementation of comprehensive support mechanisms including TA cookbook, Capacity Building and integrated service by super municipal public authorities in their territories

The last but not the least objective is dissemination and replication via regional/country based initiatives that are led by dedicated consultancies to share knowledge and inform public authority staff as well as private promoters.

The project is implemented under the program “LIFE” of the EU
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