Monthly Archives: September 2017

This summer was a busy season for START2ACT – besides the Knowledge Base , the Interactive Online Platform was expanded with the Energy Saving Competition , and recently with the first chapter of our e-Learning

Like all our tools, e-learning is developed by our experts who use their comprehensive knowledge and experience in energy-saving practices in the office and at home. However, we applied a creative approach to the e-learning structure by abandoning the practice of using standard presentations or web-seminars, and instead created a unique and adapted e-learning environment within Geonardo’s office as an example.

Be prepared to learn by being a witness of real struggles and best practices of our employees and managers for achieving comfortable working conditions for all, while contributing to increase the energy efficiency.

E-learning is divided into three modules covering energy efficiency at work and at home as well as intelligent energy management. Modules are further subdivided into sections that provide useful tips for reducing energy consumption through behavioral changes in the use of lighting, heating, air conditioning, office equipment and other appliances.

In addition, e-learning aims to train SME managers and start-ups to engage their employees in energy-efficient practices at the workplace. Managers can also learn about smart procurement, monitoring, and measurement when making bids for reducing their energy bills.

Our e-learning is engaging, entertaining and interactive. If you are an SME employee or manager or start up, check out the first Energy Efficiency and Lighting section here (registration required). More tabs will follow soon!

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