Energy Poverty Alleviation Office

The office acts as a single point of access/ a centralized service that provides consultation, information, and services, related to the alleviation of energy poverty. It is open to all citizens, energy poor or not. The citizens can contact the office via the phone, or via email, or by visiting in person. The role of the Energy Poverty Alleviation Office includes:

offering a single location where energy poor citizens can access expert consultation and various services aimed at the alleviation of energy poverty, eliminating the need to navigate multiple sources;

consolidating information and resources available for energy audits of buildings and enhancing the energy efficiency, making it easier for users to find what they need;

centralizing point to ensure consistent information and procedures are provided to users, reducing the likelihood of conflicting or contradictory guidance;

enhancing customer experience because users appreciate the convenience of having a single point of contact for their needs, leading to an improved overall experience;

personalised one-on-one meetings with energy efficiency experts, providing users with more accurate and tailored information, etc.

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