Monthly Archives: September 2018

The second meeting of the project “Municipal Energy Management” took place in the period 03.09.-05.09.2018 in the city of Maribor. The hosts of the Slovenian Energy Agency ENERGAP have presented good practices for introducing energy management into municipal kindergartens and schools in the city. At the meeting, the selected municipal buildings in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Lithuania and Germany were discussed, as they will try to achieve a minimum of 10% energy savings from heating and electricity, by introducing energy management in them, within the next year. The approaches in the four partner countries differ in their methodology, but the general European legal framework allows to elaborate an identical basis for comparison and reporting of the achieved results. The municipal buildings included in the project in Bulgaria are 20, including kindergartens, schools, hospitals and municipality buildings. A detailed list of the buildings will be published further on our site.

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