Monthly Archives: December 2017

On 15 October 2017 a new project for the promotion of energy management in municipal buildings was launched. Leading partner is the German organization Klimaschutzagentur Weserbergland gGmbH. There are also SOFENA – Bulgaria, ENERGAP – Slovenia and KREA – Lithuania.

Energy consumption in buildings in the administrative sector generates 15% of annual CO2 emissions in Germany. The EU Buildings Directive focuses on public buildings because they also work as a good example that can achieve a multiplier effect. The implementation of a project for energy management in municipal buildings (EM) is related to the long-term management of energy consumption and the achievement of savings through sustainable methods. A pilot project for the implementation of the EM is envisaged in order to gather experience with the participation of municipalities.

The main objectives of the project are capacity development and transnational networks through:

  • international exchange of know-how and trainings – revealing the real benefits for municipalities – developing new and innovative ways to implement and finance EM

The project aims to illustrate the EM’s good practice and to generate services, ideas and experiences to deliver at the higher political levels.

To be more effective, it will also include activities to encourage municipalities and establish sustainable structures and processes.

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