Now, when the summer is over and we are all at work, we have a great opportunity to acquire new energy-efficient habits in our everyday lives.

Almost every type of business relies on some equipment that helps to the work efficiently, and each company could use this equipment more effectively. Every manager and employee can contribute in saving energy and money from office equipment by introducing minor changes on how it is used at the workplace.

That is why we invite all companies wishing to participate in the autumn energy saving competition at the workplace within the START2ACT project!

You can win an Amazon Fire Tablet!

How to get involved?


Take a photo or video about how your company reduces the energy consumption of your equipment!


Describe the actions – with just one sentence or a short paragraph.


Send them to @ START2ACT by using #S2Achallenge on Twitter, Facebook or email at:

The competition starts now and will end on Thursday, November 30, 2017.

Each participating company will receive a startup energy saving package START2ACT!

For more information:

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