On 26-27 October 2016 in Budapest, Hungary, the first periodic meeting of the project START2ACT financed by Horizon 2020 was held. The project aim is to reduce energy consumption in buildings, focusing on consumer behavior in their daily lives through actions on their job places. Major area of ??intervention is the office equipment whose energy consumption in the businesses at present amounts to about 15 percent of the total consumption, and by 2020 within the EU it is expected to double.
The target group is start-ups and young SMEs and, accordingly, the professionals and young entrepreneurs in them. To the entrepreneurs and employees of the companies customized services and solutions to introduce changes will be provided that do not require money or have low price, but will save energy and reduce the office cost.
Startups and young SMEs that have expressed interest to participate in the project will receive consultation and will be invited to take part in online training, business breakfasts and organized events and conferences. Their participation is free of charge; they will be able to take advantage of all project derivable, database, developed programs and manuals for consulting and training in the Bulgarian translation.
Additional information can be obtained on the website of START2ACT in English: http://www.start2act.eu/, and  in Bulgarian language: http://bg.start2act.eu/

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