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The Interactive Energy Saving Platform START2ACT *( has been expanded with the first chapter of E-learning modules ( since August 2017. E-learning is one of the many tools developed by START2ACT to help young SMEs and start-ups to save energy and reduce their costs on their workplaces by increasing their competitiveness.

What does START2ACT’s e-learning unique as a tool for promoting energy-efficient behavioral change?

The on-line e-learning course developed by START2ACT consists of simple, dynamic and practical modules aimed at owners and employees of small businesses. This virtual e-learning environment provides users with an extremely interactive opportunity to complete short energy efficiency courses and use different energy-saving options at work and at home.

E-learning is based on real-life situations in a real START2ACT office, so consumers will learn, together with experts and managers involved in START2ACT, how to save energy on a business day and implement appropriate energy efficiency measures at home.

E-Learning Structure

START2ACT e-learning consists of three modules:

Energy efficiency On the Workplace introduces the basics of energy saving for lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, office equipment and other devices.

Energy efficiency at Home focuses on home energy saving practices and allows for an assessment of potential energy savings from electrical appliances

Intelligent Energy Management is targeted at SME managers and start-ups, providing appropriate advises on procurement, monitoring and measurement, as well as employee commitment to behavioral changes to energy-efficient office culture.

The modules are divided into sections and after completing the module, users have the opportunity to run a test and to obtain the e-learning certificate START2ACT

* Additional features of the interactive energy saving platform START2ACT

START2ACT Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a structured library for the available knowledge about energy efficiency in the office environment and home, united by experts from START2ACT. The information is presented in an interactive and freely accessible way.

An Energy Saving Competition

The Competition provides a motivating framework for SME employees to change their behavior towards energy efficiency through self-assessment and peer review.

Interactive Social Platform (under development)

The platform will enable users of various STAR2ACT services to engage in energy-efficiency communication at work and at home, providing support and useful advises. In addition, the platform will have the “Ask the Expert” section.

Be cool and save energy!

As weather becomes warmer and the sun contributes to this, air conditioners and electric fans can lead to an incredible increase in the energy needs of your office. There are hundreds of small changes you can make to save energy and costs, and to improve the level of comfort for you and your colleagues.

Each participating company will receive a startup energy saving package START2ACT.

How to get involved?

Take a picture or movie with a video clip in 3 minutes and describe the actions that your office has taken to reduce the need for cooling.

Post your efforts to @START2ACT via #S2Achallenge or send them by email at:

The winner will win an Amazon Fire tablet!

The challenge will end on September 8, 2017 (Friday).

For more information, please visit the START2ACT “Summer Challenge” site:

Sofia Energy Agency – SOFENA is pleased to invite start-ups and young SMEs to take the advantage of our proposal to conduct a simple energy audit of your office as a grant to reduce energy costs and make green purchases at your company.

On-spot visits starts on August 14, 2017.

In a timely manner, our experts will visit your company, within the first acquaintance meeting that will take no more than an hour. The consultancy service that we provide includes up to 3 on-spot visits to view and evaluate the results within 18 months.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the online knowledge platform and all tools, developed educational programs and tutorials for consultation, and join the e-learning on the Start2Act project.

We look forward to your requests by e-mail ( and directly on our phones (+358 2 943 44 01, GSM: +359 898 398 108, +359 899 359 284).

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