The ASSOSIATION OF BULGARIAN ENERGY AGENCIES is organising its XIII National conference “INTELLIGENT CITIES AND REGIONS: Integrated Energy Management and Development, Bioeconomy, Nearly- Zero Energy Buildings”. The Conference will be held in Sofia, Balkan Hotel, Serdika Hall on 4th December 2018, at 13:00.


We are inviting you to participate in the conference and the accompanying events. The goal is to draw the attention of national institutions, municipalities, businesses and the public to current topics in the field of integrated energy management and development, smart cities with “smart” buildings with nearly- zero energy consumption and clean air, and the possibility for investments in innovation.


For the ninth year in succession ABEA will award the most innovative and efficient installations on biomass and solar energy, divided into two categories in the Bulgarian National RES Champions League. The competition is based on strict criteria covering technical specifications of the installations, their efficiency profile and their innovative nature.  The RES Champions League aims to facilitate seamless adaptation of local communities to the rapidly changing energy situation. Realising both the effects of climate change and rising oil prices, local authorities and stakeholders sometimes are frustrated by being unable to find solutions which can be applied to address these problems.


The main topics of the conference:


The challenges to the Bulgarian energy policies – national and municipal targets and challenges

Intelligent city – sustainable energy and climate development

From energy efficiency buildings to buildings with nearly zero energy consumption

Investments for innovation and their realization in municipalities


Information and demonstration stand in the conference hall will be available. The new tools and training platforms will be demonstrated. You can try the platforms and ask our experts.


Expected participants:


Mayors, city council members, municipality experts

Representatives of businesses in the spheres of EE and RES

Experts form energy agencies, universities and R&D organisations

Representatives of companies




We invite you to join us like delegate to share your point of view and ideas.

A Training and Strategy Workshop for Cooperation Management with Capacity WORKS within the EUKI – Academy was organized in the period 12-16.11.2018, in Warsaw, Poland.

Under the professional facilitation of Stefan Friedrichs the participants from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greece, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Germany and Poland have learnt about the model of Capacity WORKS and its 5 elements: Strategy, Cooperation, Steering Structure, Processing and Learning &Innovations. Many challenges in managing projects were discussed and analysed through the model of Capacity WORKS.

The formed working groups under each of the 5 elements defined different obstacles, challenges and threatens in the implementation of the presented EUKI projects and by playing role games and discussing real issues, a workable decisions for overcoming the issues were pointed out.

A lot of common features and characteristics in the projects were discovered and a base for good cooperation among the projects were laid.

Within the workshop each participant had also the possibility to present its project in an innovative and attractive way.

SOFENA is implementing one project under EUKI Program – Municipal Energy Management project, in cooperation with KSA, EnerGap and KREA. It was presented by Diana Galeva from SOFENA and Leonie Grothues – from KSA.

Here are some photos.


For more information you could visit: ©EUKI/GIZ and @EUKI_Climate or

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Sofia Energy Agency – SOFENA, in cooperation with the Union of Automation and Informatics “John Atanasov”, organize an information day on the project SMARTEL – Vocational training for electricians in the field of smart metering and home automation, that will be held on 29.11.2018 in Sofia, GS “St. Rakovski Str., Fl. 2, Hall 3 of the Federation of the Scientific Engineering Unions.

The event will be attended by representatives of vocational training centers from all over the country, as well as lecturers from educational institutions and various experts and specialists in the field of home automation.

The main topic of the event will be the presentation of the Erasmus + project, an online course and teaching materials developed within the framework of the project, which are innovative and include the latest developments in the field of building automation.

The afternoon session will provide detailed guidance and information on how to work with the online version of all 6 modules and an online course in Bulgarian, including topics such as home automation, intelligent control systems, sensors and actuators, programming and installation “Smart” devices that are publicly available online at: .

More information about the upcoming event can be obtained from the project web site: or contact the staff of SOFENA directly at 029434401 or email:

Participation in the information day is free!

The second meeting of the project “Municipal Energy Management” took place in the period 03.09.-05.09.2018 in the city of Maribor. The hosts of the Slovenian Energy Agency ENERGAP have presented good practices for introducing energy management into municipal kindergartens and schools in the city. At the meeting, the selected municipal buildings in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Lithuania and Germany were discussed, as they will try to achieve a minimum of 10% energy savings from heating and electricity, by introducing energy management in them, within the next year. The approaches in the four partner countries differ in their methodology, but the general European legal framework allows to elaborate an identical basis for comparison and reporting of the achieved results. The municipal buildings included in the project in Bulgaria are 20, including kindergartens, schools, hospitals and municipality buildings. A detailed list of the buildings will be published further on our site.

The last project meeting of SMARTEL was held in the premises of The European Association For Electrical Contractors, on 26.04.2018, in Brussels. The partners got up to speed with the development of the #MOOC language versions and the upcoming validation of the project’s learning outcomes.

Diana Galeva from Sofia Energy Agency-Sofena presented their checklist in the preparation of the Information Day, which is planned to take place in Bulgaria in October 2018. She also made a quick overview of the dissemination activities, which took place throughout the first 3 project semesters.

Gregorio Blanco from Centro de Formación Profesional Xabec discussed ideas for the promotion of the demonstration workshop, scheduled to take place in Spain in the beginning of September 2018.

Ineta Puckyte from the Panevezys University presented their draft agenda for the upcoming demonstration workshop in Lithuania, this October.

Spring is here and the days are getting longer, so now is the perfect time to start saving energy by maximising natural daylight and reducing artificial lighting.

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The competition is open now and will close on Friday 15 June 2018.

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Within the framework of SMARTEL project, the European Association of Electrical Contractors – AIE will host the fourth partner meeting in Brussels. Representatives of the University of Panevezys as well as members of various vocational training centers and NGOs from Spain, Lithuania, Greece and Bulgaria will meet on 26.04.2018 to discuss the open educational resources in the field of smart metering and home automation technologies, and the progress of opening a massive open SMARTEL online course (MOOC) to service electricians, builders and fitters of energy facilities and installations, electrical contractors, etc. The course will include the 6 learning units that have already been developed, including topics such as: home automation, smart control networks, sensors and actuators, programming and installation of “smart” devices, and so on.

This is the last meeting for the partners, but in the autumn of 2018 there will be two demonstration seminars in Lithuania and Spain and 3 national information days in Belgium, Greece and Bulgaria for which additional information will be published.

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