Do you know that if you reduce your thermostat temperature by just 1˚C, you can decrease your heating costs by 8%?

Heating makes up half of energy use in the average office over winter, so your potential to save money and carbon is huge.

Take part in the START2ACT Winter Challenge for a chance to win an Amazon Echo (Alexa enabled). It takes just 5 minutes to enter and two lucky winners will be selected to receive the main prize.

Five runners up will win a seven day timer to help you to save energy at work or at home. Every participating company will receive a START2ACT energy saving starter pack. Terms and conditions apply.

How do we take part?


Take a photo or film a video clip of how your company reduces the need for heating Write a description of the action(s) – just a sentence or a short paragraph Email step 1 and step 2 to* or send it to @START2ACT using #S2Achallengeon Twitter or Facebook

The competition is open now and will close on Thursday 8th March 2018.

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On 15 October 2017 a new project for the promotion of energy management in municipal buildings was launched. Leading partner is the German organization Klimaschutzagentur Weserbergland gGmbH. There are also SOFENA – Bulgaria, ENERGAP – Slovenia and KREA – Lithuania.

Energy consumption in buildings in the administrative sector generates 15% of annual CO2 emissions in Germany. The EU Buildings Directive focuses on public buildings because they also work as a good example that can achieve a multiplier effect. The implementation of a project for energy management in municipal buildings (EM) is related to the long-term management of energy consumption and the achievement of savings through sustainable methods. A pilot project for the implementation of the EM is envisaged in order to gather experience with the participation of municipalities.

The main objectives of the project are capacity development and transnational networks through:

  • international exchange of know-how and trainings – revealing the real benefits for municipalities – developing new and innovative ways to implement and finance EM

The project aims to illustrate the EM’s good practice and to generate services, ideas and experiences to deliver at the higher political levels.

To be more effective, it will also include activities to encourage municipalities and establish sustainable structures and processes.

Sofia Energy Agency – SOFENA, with the kind support and in cooperation with the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA), organized the last business breakfast for young and start-up SMEs within the project START2ACT, which took place in the hall of BIA in Sofia, on 17 November, 2017.

29 representatives of 20 companies and organizations from the capital have participated in the event – mainly start-ups and young SMEs.

SOFENA team has demonstrated the opportunities that the involvement in project activities offers and has invited the business representatives to join the platform, to register for e-learning and to participate in the autumn energy saving competition.

The followed discussions have been on topics as staff motivation and the follow-up project activities. The participants also shared their experience in saving energy on the workplace.

SOFENA hosted the two-day third meeting of the SMARTEL project consortium on 23 and 24 October 2017, which took place at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) Learning Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources. The aim of the meeting was to finalize the already developed training materials and discuss the development of the online training system – SMARTEL MOOC. The partners got familiar with some of the latest and most modern methods of energy efficient equipment.

Within the framework of SMARTEL project, Sofia Energy Agency will host the third partnership meeting in Sofia. Representatives of the University of Panevezys, as well as members of various vocational training centers from Spain, Lithuania, Greece and Belgium, will gather on 23.10.2017 at the Training Center for Energy Efficiency and RES in Buildings at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) to discuss the progress in implementing the project objectives, such as: modernizing vocational education and training (VET) for electricians; overcoming the lack of intelligence-measurement programs and training courses, as well as home automation skills and competences.

The meeting is supported by EnEffect, that kindly provide the Learning Center hall, established under the European Train-to-NZEB project, funded by the “Horizon”2020 Program (

There are trainings in the Center for construction specialists, installers and others interested in the concept of passive and almost nearly zero energy buildings.

A program of the event can be found here: SMARTEL_3rd Project Meeting Agenda

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Now, when the summer is over and we are all at work, we have a great opportunity to acquire new energy-efficient habits in our everyday lives.

Almost every type of business relies on some equipment that helps to the work efficiently, and each company could use this equipment more effectively. Every manager and employee can contribute in saving energy and money from office equipment by introducing minor changes on how it is used at the workplace.

That is why we invite all companies wishing to participate in the autumn energy saving competition at the workplace within the START2ACT project!

You can win an Amazon Fire Tablet!

How to get involved?


Take a photo or video about how your company reduces the energy consumption of your equipment!


Describe the actions – with just one sentence or a short paragraph.


Send them to @ START2ACT by using #S2Achallenge on Twitter, Facebook or email at:

The competition starts now and will end on Thursday, November 30, 2017.

Each participating company will receive a startup energy saving package START2ACT!

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This summer was a busy season for START2ACT – besides the Knowledge Base , the Interactive Online Platform was expanded with the Energy Saving Competition , and recently with the first chapter of our e-Learning

Like all our tools, e-learning is developed by our experts who use their comprehensive knowledge and experience in energy-saving practices in the office and at home. However, we applied a creative approach to the e-learning structure by abandoning the practice of using standard presentations or web-seminars, and instead created a unique and adapted e-learning environment within Geonardo’s office as an example.

Be prepared to learn by being a witness of real struggles and best practices of our employees and managers for achieving comfortable working conditions for all, while contributing to increase the energy efficiency.

E-learning is divided into three modules covering energy efficiency at work and at home as well as intelligent energy management. Modules are further subdivided into sections that provide useful tips for reducing energy consumption through behavioral changes in the use of lighting, heating, air conditioning, office equipment and other appliances.

In addition, e-learning aims to train SME managers and start-ups to engage their employees in energy-efficient practices at the workplace. Managers can also learn about smart procurement, monitoring, and measurement when making bids for reducing their energy bills.

Our e-learning is engaging, entertaining and interactive. If you are an SME employee or manager or start up, check out the first Energy Efficiency and Lighting section here (registration required). More tabs will follow soon!

The Interactive Energy Saving Platform START2ACT *( has been expanded with the first chapter of E-learning modules ( since August 2017. E-learning is one of the many tools developed by START2ACT to help young SMEs and start-ups to save energy and reduce their costs on their workplaces by increasing their competitiveness.

What does START2ACT’s e-learning unique as a tool for promoting energy-efficient behavioral change?

The on-line e-learning course developed by START2ACT consists of simple, dynamic and practical modules aimed at owners and employees of small businesses. This virtual e-learning environment provides users with an extremely interactive opportunity to complete short energy efficiency courses and use different energy-saving options at work and at home.

E-learning is based on real-life situations in a real START2ACT office, so consumers will learn, together with experts and managers involved in START2ACT, how to save energy on a business day and implement appropriate energy efficiency measures at home.

E-Learning Structure

START2ACT e-learning consists of three modules:

Energy efficiency On the Workplace introduces the basics of energy saving for lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, office equipment and other devices.

Energy efficiency at Home focuses on home energy saving practices and allows for an assessment of potential energy savings from electrical appliances

Intelligent Energy Management is targeted at SME managers and start-ups, providing appropriate advises on procurement, monitoring and measurement, as well as employee commitment to behavioral changes to energy-efficient office culture.

The modules are divided into sections and after completing the module, users have the opportunity to run a test and to obtain the e-learning certificate START2ACT

* Additional features of the interactive energy saving platform START2ACT

START2ACT Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a structured library for the available knowledge about energy efficiency in the office environment and home, united by experts from START2ACT. The information is presented in an interactive and freely accessible way.

An Energy Saving Competition

The Competition provides a motivating framework for SME employees to change their behavior towards energy efficiency through self-assessment and peer review.

Interactive Social Platform (under development)

The platform will enable users of various STAR2ACT services to engage in energy-efficiency communication at work and at home, providing support and useful advises. In addition, the platform will have the “Ask the Expert” section.

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